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The Simple Solution to hard water problems
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®   :  An electronic descaler friendly for the environment.

The original, patented ScaleWatcher® electronic water conditioner The intelligent alternative for hard water treatment in your home or business


Area Sales Manager

Position yourself In Front of Change for a change. Scalewatcher North America seeks confident, out-of-the-box thinking professio-nals interested in a technology and large ticket sales opportunity, acting as area manager for markets opening in all states.

Scalewatcher is the original manufacturer of electronic, de-scaling technology used throughout Europe, Asia, and South Africa with assembly facilities in the Netherlands, S.E. Asia and now, in the U.S. First introduced in Europe in 1989, following the award of two patents for it's development, Scalewatcher offers an impressive list of benefits particularly for manufacturers of all types, municipalities, agriculturalists, and operators of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, power generation, waste disposal equipment, golf courses and property managers. To date, Scalewatcher has enjoyed considerable success worldwide, and new ap-plications are being discovered almost daily.

As a member of the Scalewatcher sales team, your responsibilities will be to pro-mote and sell Scalewatcher patented, electronic de-scaling technology to industrial and commercial end-users, members of the engineering and building industry, and Commercial and residential property owners throughout the United States, as well as locating and establishing wholesale business, accounts from which you will receive monthly commissions. Scalewatcher-sales offers its residential end users an unprecedented twelve month, 100% money back guarantee if our equipment fails to perform as promised. (Return rate is under 2%)

Prior experience in Capital equipment sales & leasing, consultative, home improvement and big ticket sales is beneficial but not required.Individuals accepted will enjoy generous, result-based compensation. We offer comprehensive, on-going training, marketing and technical support. No financial investment, relocation, travel, nights or weekends is required. This is not a multi-level or network marketing.

We are looking for retailers, plumbers, water related companies or individuals wanting to increase their income with a product that is needed in virtually all house holds of the Canada. You will work direct with us or together with the Area Sales Manager for technical questions, ordering, shipping and after sales service. We require no stocking as we ship on demand free of charge in Canada by Canada Post.

Are you a technical person with process engineering background? Then you are the ideal person to represent our product in Industry as an agent on commission bases. Paper factories, steel manufacturers, food processing companies, chemical factories and many other businesses throughout the world using our product to treat scaling problems without the need for chemicals.  You find the end user, close the sale and we deliver without any capital in-vestment from you.
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