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The Simple Solution to hard water problems
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®   :  An electronic descaler friendly for the environment.

Installation: As Easy as 1,2,3, No Plumbing Required.

Do it yourself installation is quick and simple - and does not require a plumber or the cutting of pipes.

Step 1: Locate the pipe where your water supply first enters your building.

Step 2: Secure the signal cable with a cable tie (provided), wrap the cable eighteen times around the pipe, secure with another cable tie, wrap eighteen times going back on top of the existing coil, secure with a cable tie. The finished coil should look as the last image below.

Step 3: Connect the signal cable to the Small Wonder™ unit and plug into 110 Volt outlet.




Installation FAQs

Will it work with any pipe material?
The unit can be installed in any pipe material including copper, PVC, steel, galvanized, lead and fibrocement.

Where should the coil be installed?

The ideal place is at the water inlet for the building. If this is not possible it can also be installed at the inlet of the water heater.

We can't access the incoming water pipe, how can we install the coil?

In some cases, it is necessary to cut the sheetrock or ceiling to access the pipe, this can be easily accomplished to install the coil, and then repair or conceal the intrusion. When this option is not practical, it is recommended to install the Small Wonder in the inlet pipe of your hot water heater, this way your hot water, the principal source of your lime scale will be treated and your water heater element will be protected and kept scale free giving you the energy savings.

How much pipe is needed for installation?

To install the unit you require at least 4" of straight pipe. This can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal pipe.

On what size pipe will Small Wonder work?

The Small Wonder is designed for maximum performance on pipe diameters of up to one inch. For larger pipes use a Scalewatcher 3 star or one of our commercial or industrial models.

Should the unit be left on at all times?

Under normal use it must be left on constantly. If the building will be vacant for extended periods of time it can be disconnected as long as you remember to re connect it upon returning.

Our water is stored in a tank, do I treat the pipe going into the tank or coming out of it?

It is recommended to treat the pipe coming into the tank. When stored in a tank, Small Wonder treated water remains effective during three days. If the tank's water is constantly being used, there is no loss of performance. Small Wonder will break down the sediments and scale that may have accumulated in the tank over the years and drop it in lumps on the bottom before progressively breaking it down into microscopic particles over a period of time. After a few months of treatment, it is advisable to remove the sediments. The same applies to Water Heaters, they should be flushed periodically until all sediments are removed. If water remains in the tank longer than three days, a second treatment unit should be installed at the outlet of the tank.

When I move, can I take Small Wonder with me?

Yes. Because installing Small Wonder requires no plumbing work, removing it is as easy as unplugging the unit. You can remove and reuse the coil or obtain another cable of similar specifications.




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