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The Simple Solution to hard water problems
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®   :  An electronic descaler friendly for the environment.

 Solution To Hard Water Problem in the Market

There are four type of system for hard water problem, to prevent scale build up in plumbing fixtures and appliances. 

  1. Scalewatcher Electronic Descaler Softener
  2. Magnetic Descaler Softener
  3. Salt Based Water Softener
  4. No Salt Based Media Water Descaler Softener

 Scalewatcher Electronic Descaler


Descaler Electronic - 3 Star for 1.5 Inch Pipe Currently, in the market, the Scalewatcher electrical descaler is most popular because it is powerful, maintenance free, effective, environmentally friendly, leaves good mineral in water and does not require salt.
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 Comparison Summary Of Technologies

  Scalewatcher  Electrical
Descaler Softener
Salt Based
Water Softener
No Salt Media Based
Descaler Softener

Descaler Electronic - 3 Star for 1.5 Inch Pipe





System Cost $179 $1200 $1700
For Residential More Detail
For Commercial More Detail
For Industrial More Detail
More Detail  
Installation Cost $0 (do it yourself)
$299 (hired plumber)
$299 (hired plumber)
Electricity Cost $10 $10 $0
Water Waste Per Year $0 yes (6500 gallons) $0
Maintenance Cost $0 $100-$200 / year
(buy salt)
$700 media change    / 5 yrs
$200 labour cost         / 5 yrs
$150 pre-filter change / 5 yrs
Healthy (salt free) yes use salt (high blood pressure concern) yes
Environmentally Friendly yes no yes
Good For Plants and Lawn yes no yes
Removes Slimy Feeling yes no yes
Beneficial Mineral yes no yes
Satisfaction Guarantee 12 months 1 months 3 months
History of Usage 18 + years 20 + years 7+ years




ScaleWatcher Control Technology

  • Prevent the formation of scale from hard water.
  • Dissolves existing scale accumulation.
  • improves heat transfer saving power.
  • prevents showers and appliances from clogging.
  • Prolongs the useful life of fixtures.
  • Treated water feels silkier, NOT soapy or slippery.
  • Promotes softer, smoother, healthier skin and hair
  • Water chemistry unaltered.
  • No chemicals or salt required.
  • Healthy minerals retained.
  • Has no moving parts.
  • Design life of 20+ years.
  • Easy do it yourself installation.
  • Requires no plumbing.
  • Requires only 110volt power source.
  • Costs only about $5 per year to operate.
  • Portable and compact.
  • Effective regardless of pipe material.
  • Prevents mold and mildew.
  • Save on harsh bleaches and detergents.
  • Removes Stains, and prevents additional discoloration.

Scale costs money, reducing the efficiency and life of water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines. Scale also means increased fuel bills. Every 1/4 inch of scale reduces efficiency by an average of 40%.

Protect equipment - Reduce maintenance & down time - prevent & eliminate scale - Save money

Water Heater, Plumbing Fixtures, Evaporativ Coolers, Reeverse Osmosis Systems Pumps Valves Boilers, Radiators, Ice Makers Refrigerators, Dishwashers Irrigation & Misting Systems, Heat Exchangers, Radiant Heat, Water Features, Swimming Pools, Spas, Marine Applications, Carwashes, Custom Homes, Planned, Communities, Re-hab and Remodeling, Restaurants, Office Buildings, Multi-family dwellings Condominiums. Rentals, Mobile Homes, Schools Dorms, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Hotels & Motels, High Rises, Wash Room & Gyms Restaurants Fast Food, Coffee Shops, Fire Departments, Golf Courses Recreational Vehicales Water Parks, Fountains Pipelines, manufacturing, Fabrication & Processing Plants, Water Stores, Bars, Dairies, Poultry Houeses, Drinking & Waste Water, Treatment Plants, Supermarkets, Kitchen, Bath, Plumbing & HVAC Contractors, Land Realtors, Municipalities, Resorts, Mechanical Engineers & Designers.

Tested by the British Good Housekeeping institute
Tested by the British Good Housekeeping institute for the British edition of Good Housekeeping. The report reads, "If you have ever thought of using a water softener, try the new breed of electronic descalers that eliminate scale and prevent build-up. During testing we noted a softening of the scale around the tap within days, and began flaking off after three weeks. The water also felt silkier, but not soapy or slippery. It also tasted better."

Each Scalewatcher unit comes ready for installation, all hardware included. Installation is non-invasive, with no re-plumbing or cutting of pipes required. Scalewatcher is available in custom sizes, power ratings and configurations, including industrial, clean room, weather-proof, explosion-proof solar powered and remote sensing and measuring of output signal (optional). Units are resistant to vapors, moisture and impact. Stainless steel enclosures are optional.

Modest Power Consumption
Temperatures: Scalewatcher can be specified for any temperature range. Safety: There is no electrical contact between the unit and the fluid system or pipe. Low voltage output. Units are insulated to prevent electrical shock. Pipe materials: Scalewatcher units are designed to operated with any pipe material, including (but not limited to) PVC, copper, stainless steel and glass. Pipe dimensions: ¾” to 50 inches in diameter Flow rates: The patented frequency modulation of the signal of the Scalewatcher units is designed to handle flow rates of all residential, commercial and typical processing and industrial equipment.


4 International Patents

In 1988 Jan P. de Baat Doelman, founder of B&D Ingenieursburo BV., was awarded 4 international patents for his work in the development of Scalewatcher. Using modern integrated circuitry and signal processing, Scalewatcher utilizes properties of electro-physics to prevent and eradicate scale buildup from water-borne calcium carbonate. A complex frequency-modulated waveform. creates a nucleation effect, induced by physical means, which temporarily increases the solubility of the minerals in the liquid and changes the shape and size of calcium carbonate crystals, so that they lose their adhesive properties. Installation simply requires coiling the signal cable around the water main and connected to a 110V power source. Just turn it on, and leave it alone.

Scalewatcher’s patented technology has over 18 years of successfull applications throughout Europe, Asia S. and N. America,
Including the following: Georgia Pacific / Boise Cascade / Smith Kline Beecham / Upjohn / Starbucks / Goodyear
Schlumberger / City of San Francisco Nestle / Frito-Lay Inc./ Quaker Oats / Sara Lee City of Cleveland / Luke AFB /d Ford Motor Co.
General Motors / John Deere / John Hancock Ctr., Chicago / Holiday Inns / DuPont
Excellence in every Scalewatcher sold is our promise.

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